Ron Ramsey, Jr.

Classic Songs from Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

"We play classic songs. Songs our audience can enjoy and dance to. I don't have any intention of staying inside any particular genre. If it's a song I enjoy and we can play it well, we'll do it. This band is about giving the audience a great time and having fun in the process."
Ron's Recording Credits include:
BAM! Yesmark Records, 2011
Best Times, Yesmark Records 1993
Ron Ramsey and Co. Live Plus Three 1990
Joe College, Frail Records 1986
Performance Credits:
EXIT 4, 1994-2011               Ron Ramsey and Co., 1990
tured Songwriter, Nashville's Bluebird Cafe, 1987-1989
The Trap, 1984-1986            Inside Trak, 1986-1989
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